I’m Mike Kneafsey, my wife Jennifer and I own Aristo-cat II a 40 foot Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands.

Jennifer and I have been fortunate to host many honeymoons aboard the various boats we have operated in the Caribbean.   On Christmas Day 2003, we took delivery of our new Island Spirit 40 Catamaran.

Let me ask, during your search. What are you seeking in a honeymoon?

   –  Awesome beaches

   –  Great water

   –  A chance to be together, without a crowd

   –  No set agenda and no worries

   –  Reasonable prices

   –  Diving

   –  Romantic nights under the stars

   –  Opportunity to dine at great establishments

   –  Privacy

   –  No Worries

If this is what you are looking for then perhaps you should consider a private yacht in the Caribbean.   The cost of a week aboard Aristo-Cat II in the British Virgin Islands is quite comparable to a package that you can get at a resort, probably cheaper when you consider all the resort add on items.   Honeymoon trips start at $4800/couple, this includes booze and 2 meals per day.   Other than meals ashore, diving and your general “walking around” money there are no extra hidden costs.

If this is something that peaked your interest, take a look at our main website.  Sailingthecaribbean.com for more detail.   If you look at our photo gallery you will find several honeymoon shots.

Oh, I almost forgot, everyone always says, “how can it be private on a boat with 2 other people (crew)?”.    At a resort, the only privacy you have is in your room, on Aristo-cat II, you have 1 half of a Catamaran, which consists of 2 cabins and one bathroom.   Jennifer and I don’t spend all the time with you, we send you ashore to exotic beaches or great dinner locations (dinner aboard is also an option).    If you wish to dive, the dive is just you and a divemaster, no crowds.   No crowded resort “booze cruise” day sailing or sunset cruise.

As an extra benefit, Mike has professional photography gear and will take photos of you together.   This is included in the cost.

One other caveat.  If you are looking for wild nights of partying, casino action, fancy shopping and annoying vendors, you will be out of luck.   These items aren’t found in the British Virgin Islands.   Actually, anyplace we take you for dinner, shoes will be optional!

I keep forgetting stuff, “what about seasickness”?   The waters of the British Virgin Islands are extremely well protected from the waves of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.   Aristo-Cat II is also 40ft long and 23 ft wide, so she is extremely stable.

Thanks for considering us,

Mike and Jennifer Kneafsey