The Crew

Mike Kneafsey is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain, and is an ASA certified keel-boat instructor. He has been sailing since childhood, and has traveled extensively. He runs the Twilight Marina Sailing School teaching beginning, novice, and advanced sailing lessons both on lakes and in the Caribbean. Although he seldom admits to having a “real” job, Mike manages their real estate portfolio in Tulsa, OK and has his own investment firm.

Jennifer Kneafsey is a Marine Biology enthusiast who loves spending as much time in the water watching the wildlife as possible. She is a Biology teacher during the school year, and cook/first mate as her schedule allows for the sailing ventures. She was first introduced to sailing while she and Mike were dating, and fell in love with both Mike and the sport.

The newest Crew is Lilly Kneafsey. She does few charters, but occasionally for VERY special pricing we offer special “Lilly Trips”. These are deep discounted trips, again contact us for details.

Together, we also have an antique boat import business and rental properties. So, we are always having fun with one of our “irons in the fire”.

As we both have “real jobs” in the US, we are doing this because we love entertaining guests and we have a passion for the Caribbean and for sailing. This is not a major source of income for us. We love getting to share all of the experiences the Caribbean has to offer with other people. Additionally, as we spend an average of 8 – 12 weeks in the Caribbean each year, we are knowledgeable about all of the places we travel, but are fresh each time we go there instead of being “burned out” from having a different set of guests in our “floating home” each week. While we do own a boat in the Caribbean, Aristo-Cat II, we maintain the option of chartering a different sized boat if necessary. That way if we have a family of four one week and a group of 8 the next we can better meet the needs (and budgets!!!) of our guests.If you just need to hire a skipper for a boat you have chartered, Mike is often available.